Car Tyres - SecuraDrive

Superior control, Lower Noise

Do you love speed but fear whether your tyres will be able to maintain traction on all conditions? Look no further Presenting CEAT Securadrive which provides Superior Control at high speeds. The Securadrive is designed to provide superior wet and dry braking, keeping you safe while you enjoy the thrill of speed. The Securadrive range after proving successful in the European markets has now been adapted to India. Its optimized tread pattern ensures lower tyre noise thereby giving you a Safe and Comfortable drive at higher speeds.

10 Size(s) Available

175/60R15 Tubeless 175/65R15 Tubeless 185/60R15 Tubeless
185/65R15 Tubeless 195/55R16 Tubeless 195/60R15 Tubeless
195/60R16 Tubeless 195/65R15 Tubeless 205/55R16 Tubeless
215/60R16 Tubeless
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