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Founder’s Note

We, at Bharat Tyres stand for total commitment to our customers’ requirement for any type of wheels on the road. We take our enterprise seriously with all the passion, accountability and integrity.

We strongly endorse a belief that a customer does not step in our establishment to buy goods but they do so to provide us business. Their trust and admiration that we have earned over the years is precious for us. We uphold our values over gains and profits in business.

We have come a long way since our beginning in 1963 and will continue to serve our customers in the best possible manner for years to follow.

Our History

A success story of Bharat Tyres had a very humble beginning; when in the year 1963 a visionary entrepreneur Shree Bishamberdayal Chiranjilal Verma founded this company in merely a 150 sq. ft. shop in a small town of Anand, Gujarat. After facing numerous challenges and struggles over the years Shree Bishamberdayal Chiranjilal Verma emerged as a winner due to his strong will and business ethics.

Affectionately known as ‘Bhaisaheb’, he has truly transformed his business dream into a successful empire that stands tall on four pillars of Discipline, Determination, Dedication and Decision. These moral virtues are the significant reasons behind how Bharat Tyres managed to flourish in a small town with limited business opportunities. Today, Bhaisaheb’s inspiring leadership, zeal to succeed, fair and transparent business practices have made us one of the most renowned and respected dealers in the competitive market of tyres.

Journey towards Excellence

Our remarkable journey of more than half a century has witnessed many ups and downs, amazing leaders, significant milestones and incredible accomplishments.

Over the years, capitalizing on his profound knowledge and rich experience of tyre industry, Bhaisaheb forged alliances with some of the most prestigious brands in tyre industry like Goodyear, Premier and CEAT. Today, we have expanded our scope of business to entire Gujarat with more than 1000 business associates in major towns of the state. Our latest initiative is to broaden our horizon and operate across India. To offer best customer service, we have employed state-of-the-art technical infrastructure for logistics such as SAP and ERP platform. CEAT found a true and reliable partner in Bharat Tyres and bestowed us with the dealership of central and south Gujarat. We have had a fulfilling and successful association for over 50 years and feel immensely proud to mention that we have earned an exclusive and enviable title of

"CEAT's Largest Business Partner Worldwide"
an achievement that is unprecedented for a business group based at a small town of Gujarat.

Our Management

Shree Mahendra Verma

Following the footsteps of his great father, Shree Mahendra Verma (Bhaisaheb’s elder son) joined the business in 1976. Fondly known as ‘Motabhai’; he played a pivotal role in the sustainability and expansion of business outside Anand by introducing new retail ventures in various districts of Gujarat.

He has inherited all the great virtues of his wonderful father.

Shree Kalpesh Verma

In 1987, Shree Kalpesh Verma (Bhaisaheb’s younger son) joined Bharat Tyres and he introduced digital technology in the operations. He is also very proficient in accounts, auditing and computer. He is in a constant quest for finding newer and better ways to do things in the organization.

His enthusiasm and innovative thinking knows no bounds.

Shree Harsh Verma

Representing third generation of entrepreneurs is Shree Harsh Verma (Son of Shree Mahendra Verma) who joined the organization in 2007. He is an assertive and dynamic individual with a forward-looking business perspective. He leads sales and marketing department of the organization.

His market know-how and networking skills are unparalleled.

Our Team

“A great company is a result of the collective efforts of great people.”

At Bharat Tyres, we strongly believe that “a great company is a result of the collective efforts of great people.” Bhaisaheb has always treated his employees as a part of his own family. Their hard work and loyalty is truly appreciated and rewarded at Bharat Tyres.

We have highly knowledgeable, experienced and talented team of professionals working with us who have given their best performance to make this company reach where it is today. Be it sales, administration, finance or technical assistance; our executives are the super stars of our success story.


To be the most trusted and foremost name in tyre industry that stands for quality and reliability.


We are a customer-centric organization offering tyre sales and services. We provide excellent product quality, value pricing and ‘feel good’ customer service whilst striving consistently to surpass customer expectations.


Our values act as the guiding principles in how we work and deliver.

Customer First

We never lose the sight of what matters most to us: Our Customers. Customer service is the heart and soul of our organization.

Being Honest

We follow fair, transparent and ethical business practices. We do the right thing for the right reason. Always.

Lead the Way

We have the courage and ability to lead a better future. We raise the benchmarks of quality, innovation and services for others to follow.

Care for People

We believe in team efforts and truly care for the welfare of our employees and business associates. We empower them to be the best they can be.

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