Last Mile - MILAZE (LM)

Great tyres make greater journeys

Whether you ferry passengers or carry school children, nothing but superior mileage is your priority. Understanding this need we present to you MILAZE, built with a Wide Solid Kerb Rib and 4-rib high land design, there's almost nothing more one can ask for. This tyre not just ensures a smooth trip with cooler running under high load but also gives a very good mileage.

10 Size(s) Available

145R12 6PR Tube 145R12 6PR Tubeless 145R12 LT Tube
155R13 LT Tube 155R13 LT Tubeless 155R13 LT Tubeless
185 R14 Tube 185 R14 Tubeless 185R14 LT Tube
185R14 LT Tubeless
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