Tyre Maintenance Guide

Car Maintenance Basics Every Driver Should Know

Gone are the days when a car was meant just for the affluent and was a bragging point for owning. Today, it is quite easy to own it as well as learn to drive it. Unfortunately, while most love the drive and the feel of it; most dread and shy away from maintaining it. They fear to get their hands dirty and choose the easy way of handing it over to a mechanic. Despite it, there are certain maintenance basics regarding the car that every car driver must be aware of. Let’s check out a few.

Get thorough with your car’s manual

Most of us tend to skip the car manual but it is important to read the manual carefully and possibly as many times as possible. This is because it contains oodles of information about some of the basic maintenance that needs to be carried out for your car. It even tells you how to do it.

Inspect your vehicle critically and regularly

Getting through the vehicle’s maintenance checklist can be surprisingly easy. The manual has plenty of information and instructions as to how to inspect your vehicle for any problems. You must do this by yourself as far as possible. You will be able to easily identify issues. Post it, you can get it confirmed and rectified by a professional. The step would also make you more knowledgeable about your car and give you greater control over it.

Get thorough with different warning car light indicators

The best thing about modern cars is that they are equipped with sophisticated sensors and warning systems which alerts you when something is amiss. Thus, it is important to understand what they denote and what is the meaning of different color lights. Usually, when you turn the ignition key to ON without starting the engine; you see all the lights turn on briefly. This procedure is called bulb check. In case, a particular light is not turning on; you must check its meaning in the manual and take steps accordingly.

Check your tyres regularly

Tyres play a crucial role in the health and efficiency of your car. You must ensure that it is properly inflated; its treads are not worn out and all other of tyre care. CEAT Tyres always attach the tyre care manual with its tyres. While at it, you must always ensure that the extra tyre and all its related tools are in top shape and in their respective positions in the car. It is always advisable that you get yourself trained on how to change tyres properly. This is the most important skill that you can acquire with car maintenance.

Check all the fluid levels

There are various fluids present in your car which help improve its efficiency and performance. Foremost of this is the engine oil which reduces friction in the engine and prevents excessive wear and tear. You need to keep it up to mark and periodically clean its filters. The other fluids to look into are the radiator coolant, the power steering fluid, brake fluid, windscreen washer fluid, gearbox oil, clutch fluid and differential fluid. The way to check them and keep them at proper levels is given in the car manual.

Check the engine air filter

The car engine runs on a combination of fuel and air. There is an air filter present in the engine which keeps dirt, contaminants, etc. out of the engine and prevents damage to the vehicle. They must be inspected visually for accumulation of dirt and changed at periodic intervals.

Always use the right fuel

Each vehicle has its own recommended octane rating. This must always be strictly followed whenever you are filling up the fuel. Any deviation on either side will impact your car’s performance adversely and trigger problems.

Check the working condition of the brakes

We all know the importance of the brakes. You can easily check them while driving. On applying brakes gently; if you feel them loose or not engaging immediately; its best to consult an expert.

Check the battery

The battery must be checked for a clean, tight and corrosion-free connection. You can clean the corrosion on it with a paste of baking soda and water. Its best if you learn how to jump-start a car as it comes in handy but always remember to wear eye-protection.

Check the exhaust system

If the exhaust system of your car is making noise; its best to get it checked for leaks, damage or any broken supports. You can check it by sliding beneath your car. If unsure, get a mechanic and learn how he checks it.

Check wipers

Wiper blades should be checked regularly as they streak when worn out and make your car dangerous to drive during wet weather. They can be easily replaced.

Learn basic skills

Any car driver must take pains to learn some basic skills like changing oil, changing flat tyre, changing the spark plugs, changing car battery, removing scratches from paints, replacing wipers, headlights, taillights, air filters and brake pads. These are all skills that come in quite handy at times of emergency and also helps you better maintain your car.

Wrapping up

Learning all the skills and rules above with regular and periodic servicing of your car from a professional mechanic and service stations like those offered by CEAT will keep both the performance and durability of your car intact.

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