Tyre Maintenance Guide

Major Factors That Affect the Life of a Car Tyre

The backbone of any car operational efficiency is its tyres. It is what connects your car to the road and helps you make the most out of the car. Its importance is no less than the engine. Thus, you need to pay equal attention to its maintenance and longevity. For it, we need to first understand few leading factors which affect the life of a car tyre. We thus list out all those factors for you to understand and avoid to prevent tyre malfunction and early death. Read on:

Proper Match and installation of the Tyre

It is important that you install the same types of tyre in a car. Each tyre has different patterns, size and loading capacity which also differs across brands. For instance, the innovative compound tread and wide circumferential grooves of the CEAT tyres gives it an extra edge and security layer which cannot be matched by tyres of other brands. Mixing different tyre technologies and construction techniques of different brands disturbs the entire balance and performance between the four tyres and negatively impact the lives of all four tyres. The same negative impact arises as well if the tyre is not installed properly. It’s best to take professional help if you are not sure of your own abilities.

Tyre Pressure

Both under-pressure and over-pressure are detrimental to the life of a tyre. If the inflation in the tyre is to low; the under-pressure increases the radial deformation and an excessive deformation at an accelerated pace on both sidewalls. This hastens the process of tread and shoulders wear and cause the temperature of the tyre to rise abnormally. Heat is the biggest enemy of a rubber tyre. The cumulative result is a serious adverse impact on the life of the tyre.

Many vehicle owners feel over-pressure in the tyre is good as they can carry heavier goods. But a high tyre pressure increases the tyre rigidity and deformation which leads to the reduced contact area. This increases the central unit pressure which expedites the central tread wear and seriously reduces the comfortability and life of the tyre. The negative impact with just 25% of increased pressure is about 30% reduced tyre life.

Loading Capacity

Each tyre has its own loading capacity. The ground rule is that a higher loading capacity signifies a lower life span of the tyre. Overload decreases the life span further. Most tyres have their load index specified on its side walls. You must always remain within the specified load index for the corresponding maximum load.

Wheel Alignment

Various factors like hitting a pothole; driving against a pavement, suspension wear or even excessive steering makes the wheel alignment go haywire. Thus, even when you are driving straight; your car feels like being pulled towards the left or the right. This can be easily rectified by an expert mechanic and the risk eliminated.

Car Speed

Like the load index; each tyre also has its speed level index. Exceeding these speed limits is detrimental to the life-span of the tyre and must be avoided.

Tyre Temperature

Heat is the biggest enemy of tyres which are constructed from rubber. Because of the tyres moving on the road at high speed; it gets exposed to optimum stretch, compression and friction. A direct consequence of this is the rise in tyre temperature which easily exacerbates and even punctures its rubber material and makes the tyre wear out.

Chassis Status

A car is a cohesive unit where each component has a direct impact on its other parts. The parallelism between the front and rear axle, condition of the brakes, wheel balancing and all other chassis mechanical working conditions directly impact the tyre’s life. Ceat strongly recommends getting your car serviced regularly and inspected by professionals for these small abnormalities. Getting these minor repairs done in time helps increase the tyre life and avert any major repair.

Road Conditions

The surface condition of the roads would naturally impact the tyre health. Factors like the smoothness of the road, presence of potholes and bumpers,the gradient of the road, its camber, curves, windings, hilly terrain etc. all impact the life of the tyre. A number of factors here can be beyond your control.

Seasonal Factors

The temperature of the place where the car is and its other climatic factors like wind speed, level of heat, pollution, period of fitment, geographical region etc. All impact the efficiency of the tyre and its lifespan.

Driving Habits

Not all person drives the same way. The way you treat your car has a direct impact on it and its parts. Starting the car in a fast mode, emergency braking, sharp steering, driving in high speed even on bad roads, hitting regularly against curbs and parking barriers are just a few of driving habits that eat away the life of the tyre.

Vehicle and Tyre Maintenance

We have already talked about getting your car serviced at frequent intervals. Getting the car serviced at regular intervals fixes all normal wear and tear and minor issues developing which prevents them from turning into major.

Wrapping Up

Ceat tyres utilize all latest technology and its innovations to give you the maximum protection from the above detrimental factors. A little precaution and care from your side would make your tyres and investment last much longer than anticipated.

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