Tyre Maintenance Guide

Why Are Your Tyres Black?

Did it ever occur to you why tyres are always black in colour? When our vehicles can be indifferent colours, why the tyres always have to be black? Some would say that black colour is obvious because the tyres go through all sorts of dirt-filled roads; so, it is better to keep them black.While that may seem like a practical point, but is that really the reason behind?

Year 1895, tyres were invented and used to come in white. Yes, tyres were not born in black colour.So, why do they only come in black, even when natural rubber comes in milky white colour?

Carbon Black- the main reason.

Carbon black is a chemical compound that completely revamped the tyre industry a few decades ago. Why did carbon black come into play?

This compound is utilised as a stabilizing chemical. When carbon black is added to rubber, it significantly enhances the durability and strength of the tyres.Without any doubt, we all look for tyres that are both strong and durable in nature. This is why manufacturers started using carbon black, thereby, lending a black colour to tyres.

How does carbon black help improve the durability of the tyres?

When we drive our car, the tyres get heated up. The belt and the tread areas tend to get hot when we drive our vehicle for too long. If the heat is not dissipated into the surroundings, the tyres will wear out quickly. In fact, it can even cause some serious damage, including tyre-burst.

Fortunately, carbon black is quite helpful in maintaining the temperature of the tyres. This enhances tread life and lends durability to the tyre.

Carbon black protects tyres from UV rays

UV rays are notorious for hardening the rubber compound in the tyres and bringing down their performance. Driving for long hours on the highways leads to prolonged exposure of the tyres to the harmful UV rays. Carbon black prevents tyres from hardening and prolong tyre life.

Soot- the initial reason behind black colour

Soot is a deep black flaky or powdery substance comprising mainly of carbon. How it is produced?Well, it is produced by burning an organic compound in an incomplete way. The reason why soot was included in the production of tyres is related to the aspect of durability. It was thought that soot adds more durability to the tyre. But, in today’s times, soot has been replaced by carbon black.


Black tyres may appear boring to some people. But, it is also true that they are certainly easier to clean. From a practical point of view, black tyres are much bette rin comparison to the white ones. For daily driving, nothing can come close to the efficiency, durability, and safety aspect of the black tyres. So, next time when someone asks you why tyres come in black,you know how to answer their question.

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